AFS Fly Foilboard 2024 - The board range with the best ratio of performance and accessibility

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AFS FLY - WINGFOIL-SUPFOIL-SURFFOIL BOARD RANGE to suite everyone from beginner to pro - "Y" configuration Footstrap Inserts (except 7'4) - Twin boxes for Plate Head Foils - Underside Carry Handel

Dedicated to uncompromising foil performance, this board is high-performing, accessible, and reliable.

Product details

Product advantages
" Concave Deck
" Innovative Tail Shape
" Touch Down Tolerance
" One Shot (OSSE) Sandwich PVC Construction

Which program for an AFS Fly?

The AFS Fly is a versatile and comfortable range of boards. The volume distribution is optimised and balanced to give a board with the best ratio of performance yet accessibility. The nose bulb provides forgiveness in the start phase as well as when landing from jumps. A mix of generous volume for forgiveness where needed and reduced volume where possible for maximum feel and precision.

Which AFS Fly to choose and board features - see charts in photos.


The AFS Fly is built on a PVC sandwich base. With weights from just 4.9 kg, we follow a unique manufacturing process during which all layers of fabrics, reinforcements, and cases are applied in a double-shell mould, then baked following a process allowing an ideal polymerization of resins for a perfect reproduction and an optimal weight/solidity ratio. The resin used for the construction of our boards is a bio sourced epoxy SR GreenPoxy (more than 33% of the molecules come from plant sources)

What is included?

The board is supplied ready to use, but without Footstraps/screws, Bag and Leash - These are available for separate purchase.

All AFS Products carry a 2 year Warranty from the date of purchase, subject to our fair usage policy.
Tech Specs/Care Advice:

Board features
Fly 6'0"
Volume 103 L
Length 6'0
Width 25 1/4"
Weight 6,8 kg
Box Double US rail

See Tech Spec image in web images.

All ASF FLY boards feature:

Handle - Underside

Footstrap mounts: 'Y' configuration (straps and screws available as extra purchase) except the 7'4"

3/4 length EVA Dck Pad for comfort and grip.

Board Leash Attachment Point on Stern Deck.

Manual Board Breather Screw to allow for pressure equalisation within the board.

The pressure variations within your board caused by both temperature and altitude changes, must be allowed to equalise to prevent damage to the structure!

Manual screws are by far the best way to cater for all environments and are easy to remove to check the condition of the 'O' ring seal and screw, remove sand, etc.

Our correctly engineered Aluminium Breather Screw is by far the best way to ensure the board does not suffer serious damage due to 'over pressure' of the internal structure. We invariably find that if you do not have a large flat blade screwdriver, in the UK a 20p piece is an excellent tool for closing and opening this screw without damaging it - if using the 20p method, close it tightly, so the 'O' ring seals well

They must be closed before going onto the water and opened at least 1/2 to 1 turn, when you have finished for the day.

Always remove the screw completely for transport on an aircraft. Re fit when you get to your destination.

Remember that when the screw is slack, if the board is not in a board bag, there is a risk of the screw vibrating undone completely and falling out and being lost in transit.

Fin Boxes: Double US box 250mm long, pitched at 90mm wide to accept most plate head foils

*Weight Tolerance: +/- 8%. All information is correct at the time of writing, but is subject to change or alteration without prior notice. For latest information always check with your Shop or Kai Sports Ltd.

Please note - We recommend rinsing all your equipment off with Fresh Water after use in the Sea, to promote maximum life and retention of value.

Never leave any Epoxy/Sandwich construction board (whatever make) which is wet or even damp, zipped up tight in a bag!

The high humidity can result in blistering of the paint, caused by an effect called 'Osmosis'.

For transport on the roof of a vehicle, it's fine to have the bag zipped up, but if inside a vehicle, and when storing, always unzip by at least half a meter to the let the bag breath and the board to dry, otherwise it's sat in its own private sauna!

All AHD, AFS, Sealion and NAH Skwell boards have tremendous strength to weight ratios, thanks to our very careful selection of materials and our outstanding 'OSSE' moulding process.

In the event that you have an accident (requiring repair), nearly every type of damage can be completely fixed on our boards! - we try to keep our graphics as simple as possible, to help you make repairs invisible if you wish to.

It is essential that whoever carries out repairs, understands the importance and significance of the cloths and sandwich materials we use and match these as closely as possible, especially if it's a structural repair.

The biggest thing to remember is that all resins or fillers used must be EPOXY Resin based!