About Kai Sports

The name of our company pays homage to the Hawaiian/Polynesian roots of the sports we represent (Kai means Ocean or Sea in Hawaiian). Currently, these are primarily Windsurfing, Stand up Paddleboarding & Surfing, Canoe and Kayak, but we have had very considerable involvement with the development of Kitesurfing form it’s earliest days, so will happily continue this if the right opportunities develop.

The principal brands we represent are AHD Windsurfing, Nah-Skwell SUP Boards, Whiskeyjack Paddles, X-Paddles, Powerex Masts, HN Sports Sunglasses, and of course our expanding range of Kai Sports ‘Own Brand Products’.

Since 1979, we have had the pleasure of working with and representing, some of the worlds finest ‘Watermen’ and designers, giving us a deep understanding of what works, and why!

Our team has a wealth of experience in seeking out great products, and when something is not available, designing and developing our own!

We test and develop most of our products in close co-operation with our manufacturers, in the same locations and conditions you will be using them in.

This ensures we can deliver the best advice, suggest the most applicable products for your needs, and by so doing, aim to give you more fun doing what you love, as well as offering outstanding value for your hard earned cash!

The products we supply are available from good retailers all over the UK, Ireland, and in some cases, other parts of Europe, but in the event that there is not a shop near you, or you simply want to deal directly with us, we will be very happy to hear from you, so we can do everything in our power to fulfil your needs and fire your passion.

Mahalo, from the Kai Sports team.