X-Paddle CRUISE (7.28") - Flat Water

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The X-Paddle "CRUISE" Series is aimed at all levels of Stand-Up-Paddler, producing a light/crisp feel and delivering excellent performance!

The 7.28" blade with a Hi-Dihedral power face provides tremendous natural stability & grip in the water, making it quite powerful, while remaining very comfortable even over long distance, making it ideal for use in recreation, cruising, fitness or competition paddleboarding for inland, coastal and open sea use.

- 7.28" Wide, 3K Gloss Red Glass ABS Edged Blade
- 29mm Dia. Gloss 70% Carbon/30% Glass "Fast Return" Shaft
- 100% Gloss Carbon Rounded "T" Handle (Fixed)
- 100% Gloss Carbon Palm-Grip Handles (Adj & 3pc)
- Adj & 3pc: Matt Finish Sliding Shaft with White Calibration
- Exceptional range in adj models allows for riders from 5' to 7'

This paddle is also available in "PETITE" to accommodate riders from 3'8" to 5'6" featuring a 7" Blade & 26mm Dia. Shaft

X-Paddle.com take great pride in developing quality SUP paddles with carefully graduated performance profiles to help every rider achieve their paddling goals, while helping to protect them from R.S.I. style injuries - Our 'X-Paddles at a glance' image in the product photos will help with your selection, but we are always happy to offer specialist advice for specific enquiries.


Max Length: 70" (1780mm) to 94" (2388mm)
Blade Width: 7.28" (185mm)
Blade Area: approx. 95 Sq" (612cm2)
Blade Angle: 10°
Shaft Stiffness: Medium/stiff - Dia. 29mm
Handle: 100% Gloss Carbon Palm-Grip
Weight: 700g

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