Our Ref No : 7807 £79.95 Availability: In Stock
Lengths 21.5 / 23 / 25
Fins box Power Box / US Box / Slot box
Construction CNC Fr4.c Hi-precision
Availability Most in stock - those not / Lead Time : 10 days

- Wave fin with a very soft tip and a fast profile
- Offering a very good grip while maintaining comfort and low drag
- Can be used in Bump'n Jump as a Single or with Thruster set up for B'n J or Wave
- Rigid fin base for stable power transmission
- Medium Twist for better manoeuvrability
- Flexy tip for comfort and quick turns

Performance Profile:

- Planning Power = 60%
- Bump'n Jump = 80%
- Wave All-Round = 60%
- Grip = 60%
- On Shore = 60%
- Side Shore = 80%
Fins Selector

The fin is a highly technical part!

Our products are continuously evolving, which keeps them at the forefront and means they are always gaining in precision.

At Select, our passion has remained intact and our commitment to obtaining the best fins is total !

Today, more than ever, our fins possess a faultless technological focus.

Fins are not fashion accessories: different colours, new shapes of no technical interest, and attractive serigraphy don't mean anything in terms of performance.

The selectors below have been designed to help you choose the correct fin length taking into account the following parameters:

" Your sailing program
" Volume and width of your board
" Sail surface area (m²)
" Your weight

The size of the fin is of major importance: your fin is your propeller... It transmits the energy captured by the sail and generates a push which propels your board forwards.

In order for the propulsion principle to work well, your sail / board / fins' suitability must be perfect !

According to this consideration, we've build a set of selectors, that will guide you choosing the right fin - Please copy and paste the link below into your browser OR highlight link and Right click/Open Link to access this - To return to this page, use Go Back One Page Arrow.

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