SELECT OCEAN SUP - Stand Up Paddleboard Fin

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Select Hydrofoils - SUP Fins

We are proud to introduce our range of fins coming from the Stand-UP Division of Select Hydrofoils.

Making high performance fin profiles without parasitic drag is the very essence of our work, so it is only natural that we have used our many years of experience at the cutting edge of PWA Racing, Freestyle, Wave & Recreational Windsurfing as the basis to meet the needs of all levels of SUP rider

To do this, we knew we had to design and develop a dedicated range of high quality SUP fins using the finest materials and our CNC Machining Skills: This is how the SF Fins division was born!

This new range is complete and optimized in every little detail to satisfy every discipline of SUP:

- Flat Water
- Down Wind Racing
- Ocean and Coastal Riding
- Anti-Weed

The goal is to strike the best balance between power and water flow with minimum drag whilst Paddling!

Less experienced and recreational paddlers should opt for a large enough fin. The larger surface area enables riders to stay on course more easily, with an improved stability.

When the Paddler has good ability, mastering the effective stroke of the paddle to minimise the 'row- row' effect (several dips of the paddle on the same side with minimal altering the direction), the size of the fin can be reduced to increase water flowing and handling.
Skilled paddlers attain balance with less fin area to avoid drag and maximize speed.

Ocean - Coastal Riding SUP Fins

- Ocean 7.5
- Ocean 8
- Ocean 8.5
- Ocean 9
- Ocean 10

Riding on the Ocean and Coastal waters opens new horizons and challenges.
The Ocean range is cut out for adventure in the waves.

- This curved fin is an ideal compromise in any condition, headwind, crosswind, wave handling.
- The efficient profile generates a good flotation even in crosswinds.
- The profile's lift promotes speed.
- Ideal on SUP crossovers boards of around 9' / 10' / 11' / 12' lengths


Model: Ocean 10
Length: 10"/25cm
Head Length: 5.9"/15cm
Area: 43"²/278cm²
Head type: US is standard - PB to order

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