NAH-SKWELL Longboard Paddleboard 2018/19 - SUP - Wave

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Colour: WOOD REVEAL Size: 10'6"
Nah-Skwell 9'6 and 10'6 Longboard Series

Your chance to own one of the Last Few of our glorious full wood sandwich 10'6 Longboards, Brand New, at a fantastic price!

Short-boards continue to radicalise Stand-Up-Paddle surfing and contests, but Nah-Skwell continues to innovate by inviting you to ride in the wake of the ancestral spirit and purity of the surf culture.

These two new shapes have evolved from our original 10'6 Get Up from 2008 and 10' & 11' Longboards from 2012, and are further refined to offer a perfect glide, allowing very early take-off and immediate speed on any wave-size, delivering pure fun with their stable and precise carves in even small and relatively slow waves - A truly joyous feeling, which can only be fully experienced on such a refined SUP design, which continue to feature our superior OSSE Full Wood Sandwich constructions.

Any Surfer will immediately recognise that these beautiful designs pay considerable homage to the best 'Long or Malibu' boards from the spiritual birthplace of SUP, but from your first ride, you will quickly appreciate how these boards take the whole experience to another level, especially in European Waves!

In a deep and larger wave, their classic lines leading to a thin drawn out pin tail finishing with a narrow squash for enhanced stability and catch, immediately allow you to glide fast and turn smoothly, or walk forward to 'hang Five', or even 'Ten' over the wave trough with the elegance and grace of a classic 'Longboard Rider', but will just as happily, allow you to turn abruptly to pull a vertical off the lip if you so desire! - Whatever your mood/style or the conditions, you'll never find your session dominated by your board.

The Thruster fin (9cm FCS) options are set widely apart and well forward, to greatly enhance grip and manoeuvrability in the surf. The Centre fin is also FCS and is 16cm on the 9'6 and 19cm on the 10'6. These new models feature FCS fins throughout to allow the owner the maximum choice of aftermarket fins and interchangeability for personal tuning preferences.

Overall, both hulls possess a progressive double-concave underside, guaranteeing stability and speed when gliding or in carving turns. The thin and well tucked rails grant the rider a feeling of power with control, even in the longest carves and the most stunning waves.

Set your 'inner surfer' free, with the Nah-Skwell Longboard series - Ride cool or radical, but remain at the core of the surfing soul!
Model Width Thickness Volume Weight Fins
9'6 (289cm) 27" 3/4 4" 120lt 9.8 kgs FCS 16cm/FCS 9cm x 2
10'6 (320cm) 29" 4" 142lt 9.9 kgs FCS 19cm/FCS 9cm x 2

3/4 EVA Deck Pad (front section of pad supplied 'unfitted' to allow owner to wax deck if preferred, or peel and stick deck pad) - FCS 1 x Centre and 2 x Thrusters - Stern Leash Attachment - Classic Longboard designed to excel in European Wave Conditions.

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