Nah Skwell Fit Paddleboard 2018 - All Round - Cruising SUP

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The Nah Skwell Fit 12'

The Nah Skwell Fit 12' is a slightly larger version of our fantastic and very well respected 11' Fit - Just like its smaller sibling, it is a practical, friendly solution for Cruising, Fitness, Downwind, and even small Waves.

In spite of being slightly narrower than the 11', it's even more stable and an absolute delight for both larger and even quite small riders to cruise along with remarkably little effort thanks to its 'super glide' from every stroke of the paddle - With the 12' Fit, we are really raising the bar for accessibility and performance in the world of SUP!

In a board than is 12' long, we have been able to incorporate most of the performance of our very fast 12'6" boards, and combine this with the ease and versatility everyone who has tried the smaller 11' Fit has come to expect, meaning that despite its performance capabilities, it is definitely stable enough for many to consider as their first time board, making it a really great choice for many riders to quickly 'grow into' if they are seeking to SUP for fitness and to cruise to the local, or not so local Pub!

With its stable feel and comfortably fast gliding, easy turning and smaller overall size than many boards in this class, we continue to show the way ahead for Coastal, River and Lake SUPing, allowing every rider to love this outstanding sport easily and quickly, using waterways close to your home.

Just like the 11' Fit, the 12' has fantastic stability for tail sink turns, and is just as brilliant for bow walks to get you through the shallows, but the extra length really comes into its own when taking on distance, especially for a heavier rider looking for real pace without drama, and the way it allows you to enjoy a fast downwinder is a real revelation if you are around 80 to 110kg, while a 40 to 50kg rider can have a really great time on flat water or downwind as well!

The deck is flat, to allow the rider to move easily and quickly to the correct position without hindrance, and is fitted with our ¾ EVA straight grooved Race deck pad in front and around the carry handle to keep best circulation in your feet over distance, and our square cut waffle deck aft, for best grip in surfing downwinders, or comfy cruise mode!

It even comes equipped with a 28mm dia x 92mm deep fishing rod holder, which is 950mm from the stern and has its own safety leash attachment close by (which can also be used as a forward leash attachment point if you prefer this to the one on the stern)

From the 2016/17 Season, all Fit's feature our new deep Comfort Handle, which greatly improves the ease with which the board can be lifted from the water while still flat and then rotated to the normal carry position, so is brilliant at Locks and other difficult locations where it would be so easy to scratch your lovely board or fin by having to get it onto its rail to lift it from the water. This New Handle also makes general handling on the land in all circumstances even easier than before and is a feature of all Fit, Kool, Skool and the Well 10'8 Boards from the 2016/17 season onwards.

If you want to have fun, easily cruising along without all the technicalities of a dedicated 12'6" race board, then the Fit 12', with its super stiff and light 'OSSE' Full Wood Sandwich construction is an outstanding board for you, your family and friends.

Shape Characteristics:
" Scoop: straightened forward and kicked-up at the tail
" Bottom: starting with a true bow followed by a vee on the full length.
" Side flats: stability
" Wide tail with kick: for stability and surf capability in downwind swells.
" Deck: flat, maximising comfort and stability, as the rider has to be able to move easily to adjust both their, and the board's balance to the swell and chop.
Length: 12' (365cm)
Width: 30 ½" (77.5cm)
Thickness: 5 ½"(14cm)
Volume: 230ltrs
Weight: 12.6kgs
Fin: U.S. 27cm Glass

3/4 EVA Deck Pad - Single US Fin Box - Glass Fin - Deep 'Comfort Carry' Handle - Stern Leash Attachment - Multipurpose Stand UP Paddleboard - Flat Water - Exercise - Cruising - Downwind - Small Surf - Quite simply, an extraordinarily good all round board which should be tried by everyone!

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