KAI SPORTS PRO 8MM COILED ERS - Calf Cuff & Rail Saver only

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Colour: BLACK
Kai Sports Pro Coiled 8mm SUP Surf Leash with ERS (Easy Release System)


Ankle and Calf Cuffs are available as spare parts, along with the Rail Saver. They are supplied as pairs with the screws to secure them to the original Urethane part of the leash.

These are available so you can replace existing parts which have got damaged or worn out, but also to allow you to convert one type of leash into another (we do not recommend you continually swap, as the screw that holds the cuff or rail saver to the swivel may become insecure if you keep on taking it in and out!)

They can be fitted to our earlier leashes with a small modification to the length of the swivel to allow the screw to locate properly - Our ERS Cuffs and Rail Savers may also be compatible with other brands of leashes, but please ensure that you make sure everything is secure and functioning properly - The Leash is a vital addition you your personal safety and nothing must be done which compromises its strength or function!

All cuffs also have a small coin pocket, and are identical to those supplied with our 2017/18> complete coiled leashes.
Heavy Duty 5/16" Polyurethane - Ankle Cuff - 10 foot long - Solid Black - Double Swivel - Webbing Rail Saver - Key Pocket in Cuff

Safety Warning, Warranty and the 'Waterman's Creed'

These leashes are supplied as an aid to on water comfort only. Use does not negate the requirement for good 'watercraft' and 'common sense' from the user.

Please assess all aspects that can affect your safety as well as others, including tides and weather, and never be afraid to seek guidance from locals if you are at an unfamiliar location before entering the water.

Remember to check all of your equipment for damage or defect before use, as well as it's suitability for the intended use and conditions, along with your own ability to handle what you are about to take on!

Warranty is limited to material or manufacture defect in the leash only, for 2 years from the date of purchase by the original owner, and in the event of a justified claim, no repayment or replacement will exceed the original purchase price of the leash.

Remember, we are blessed with 7 tenths of our lovely Blue Planet being our ultimate playground! Please treat the water and all who use it for recreation, or the creatures for whom, it is home, with courtesy and respect at all times, so you can be in true harmony with this wonderful world.

Choose to live by the 'waterman's creed' - Enjoy it to the full, but tread lightly as you go through your life, so as to ensure that future generations can share in all that we have been lucky enough to have to fulfil our lives while we drink from the cup of life!


Jon, (Director), Kai Sports.

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