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M6 TORX TX30 CSK A4 ST/ST MACHINE SCREWS are typically used for securing Wings to Fuselages and Fuselages to Masts where these are dismountable.

Top quality A4/316 Stainless Steel Screws to fit most popular foils produced for Windfoiling, Kitesfoiling, SUPfoiling, Surfoiling, Wingfoiling, but the majority of our stock is designed to provide spare parts for the AFS (Alien Foil Systems) range of products.

There are many other bands and applications they are suitable for, for instance many brands of Twin Tip Kiteboards us M6 CSK screws for securing their fins, and we are always happy to try to supply to meet special needs if you can define your requirements?
Be sure that your thread is M6 - there are a few Foils out there that are 1/4 ANC!

If you are unsure and cannot measure the screw needed accurately, always insert the screw at least 4 complete turns very gently by hand - if this is easy, you can be pretty sure you have the correct choice and will not cross the thread and risk stripping it.

We have spare fin head inserts to fit most heads and can also supply screws with different heads (for instance, Torx 30 or Pozi pan heads) and have reasonable stocks of 1/4 ANC Screws as well.

The standard sizes of M6 TORX TX30 CSK A4 ST/ST MACHINE SCREW we stock are 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40mm long - other sizes and custom lengths can be supplied - please e mail for advice?

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