BRAVO SUP/KITE SHORT ADAPTOR 718/HRK for BP101, BP110 etc. 20mm Bayonet.

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Supplied as original equipment with the Bravo BP101 and BP110 Hand pumps.
This adaptor is a popular choice when inflating SUP's (Stand Up Paddleboards) and Kites, and will also fit many other inflatable watercraft and some inflatable Tents and Awnings

It has a Red Rubber reversible seal, so it can be set up to fit many of more popular SUP's, Kites, etc. just by trying this seal on the opposite way round (grove side up for less height, flat side up for more.

If you want a much more adaptable unit, consider ordering BRAVO SUP/KITE LONG ADAPTOR 718/ADJ.B Part Code S241239 which can be used as a 'tune up' adaptor for the Bravo BP101 and BP110 SUP/Kite Pumps and will fit the vast majority of Pump Hoses on the market using a 20mm Bayonet fitting on the inflation end of the hose

If you need to fit a Bayonet fitting into your existing 20mm hose you need to order part code 5204044-20 Mother Female Bayonet Hose Adaptor, which is also available from this web site.
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