AHD Topaz Windsurf/Windfoil Range - Carbon Freeride/Freerace/Windfoil board with Deep Tuttle Box and AFS W85/F700a Full Carbon Foil - Bonded Mast/Fuselage

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The AHD TOPAZ 127 complete with AFS W85 CARBON HYDROFOIL is a fantastic combination, offering an outstanding introduction to Windfoiling from a package that really delivers performance as well as easy access and interchangeable wings, enabling you to tune for both lighter and stronger winds, so you will not outgrow this great Foil a hurry, and can also have amazing fun Windsurfing on the Topaz when you do not want to foil!

The TOPAZ has been developed from the much loved AHD Fury and SL-2 ranges, which were always going to be a tough act to follow, especially with one model to replace all but the biggest SL-2, so the new Topaz has to be something very special.

Rest assured, it is - we spent an extra 6 months perfecting every aspect to launch into our 2020 program!

Specially developed for those Windfoil sailors wanting to keep to a design with an excellent Freerace program built in, the Topaz offers optimised shapes for an outstanding level of performance, control and comfort, as you are only fast when you feel comfortable and fully in control!
With their wide scope of intended usage, the Topaz has to be great with both Fin or Foil !

The W85 is now lighter and even stiffer thanks to our new 85cm Hollow Mast (just like the W95/W105 range) but only the W85 in the 'AFS W range' features a Dismountable Mast and Fuselage, or a Bonded and Carbon Pinned Mast to Fuselage joint (just like the W95 and W105).

That's right - Following many requests, as well as the Dismountable model, we now also offer the W85 with the Bonded & Carbon Pinned Mast to Fuselage joint.
Its 85cm mast makes it the most accessible foil in our range. By reducing its drag this foil does not require flying high while also making launching and landing more comfortable.

The F-700a wing supplied is optimized to bring easy access, excellent control and great wind range to the moderately short but dynamic AFS 85, making this the perfect foil for many beginners or experienced riders looking for a great foil for most conditions and locations.

Due to its extreme torsional stability, the Bonded mast/fuselage model can be fitted with any of the W Series 'F' and 'R' wings currently available, as we are very happy to keep you flying your W85 as your skills grow, along with your desire to foil all the time!

For the Dismountable mast to fuselage model, we only recommend using the 'F' series and the smallest 'R' series wings, as no dismountable system can be quite a rigid as the bonded system, but there is still plenty of choice to keep you flying your W85 as your skills grow, along with your desire to foil all the time!

The package includes, Topaz 127 Board with 4 AHD High Comfort Footstraps and a 45cm DTT Select Edge G10 Fin, along with a W85 Hydrofoil Carbon Foil with Bonded Mast/Fuselage complete with a pair of foils (wings) -F-a700 access front wing & Stabilizer V1 - Carbon Deck Plate- 5 x Torx M6 Wing screws -Screwdriver Torx T30 - Bag to store/transport all components of the foil.

Full descriptions of the board and foil can be found in the individual product pages on this website, but we have included the Tech Specs for both on the next section of this page.

Construction : OSS PVC Carbon Sandwich


Construction : OSS PVC Carbon Sandwich
Model: Topaz 127
Volume: 127lt
Length: 230cm
Width: 82cm
Weight: 8.1kg*
Footstraps: 4 x New AHD Blue Strap
Fin Box: Deep Tuttle
Fin Supplied: UK only - Select Edge G10 Deep Tuttle 45cm.
Foil: Ideally suited to the AFS W range and very compatible with other quality ranges.


Mast / Fuselage construction: Hollow Mast/Monolithic full Carbon Prepreg with Bonded Mast to Fuselage junction
Wings construction: Monolithic full Carbon Prepreg
Front Wing width: 700mm
Front Wing area: 779 cm2
Fuselage length: 885mm
Mast Height: 850mm
Weight: 4.0kg*
Mast Head: Deep Tuttle Box
"T Bag and Wing Covers" included

Compatible with the following AFS 'W' (Windfoiling) Foils (wings)

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Specifications may be subject to alteration without notice. * Weights subject to +/- variation of 8%.
For the most up to date information, consult Kai Sports Ltd or your AHD/AFS dealer.




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