AHD SL2 SLALOM - RACE- FOIL WINDSURFER - DEEP TUTTLE BOX - Brand New - Special Offer - Foil Ready Double Crabon Sandwich board

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Slalom/Foil Board in 2017/19 graphics - Brand New, Special offer



At AHD, We believe that to make the most of a slalom shape and perform to the max, the shape must remain smooth to ride, comfortable in the chop and provide a fluid and adaptable curve in the gybe, so that you can sail at 100% from the start till the end.

This is what we had in mind when we developed our SL2s, together with Diony Guadagnino, and obtained a board which has continued to shine in World Cup slalom races as well as in long distance races such as the "Défi Wind".

The outline, the hull/rail shapes, the cuts-outs, the position of the boxes, and our exceptional Carbon Double Sandwich construction - all have been reviewed and refined to obtain the best board and rider performance in all conditions.

With our pioneering Windfoiling work stretching back to the late 2000's, we are delighted to see the Windsurfing world is at last embracing the phenomenal performance and emotions we have been advocating for so long. We have of course fully developed and strengthened the SL2 range to compliment the AHD AFS-2/700 range of Full Carbon Deep Tuttle Foils, entering the market in the summer of 2017.


Pascal and Diony have subtly amended the shape in order to increase " top-speed " performance.

Rails are now squarer.

On a shorter outline, the hull-bottom sports a long Vee and a progressive double-concave.
All this is designed to improve the board and riders intrinsic speed with control.

The mast-foot position is sunk into the deck.

The new exclusive OSS Double Carbon Sandwich boosts performance while bringing further lightness and rigidity!

Cut-outs have made their way back and reduced wetted-surface when planning.

" Long V and progressive double concave in the hull's bottom
" Square rails
" Compact outline
" Lowered mast-foot
" Cut-outs
" Manoeuvrability 50%
" Speed 100%
" Planning 95%
" Accessibility 40%

SL2 92 SL2 112 SL2 122 SL2 132
Volume 92 L 112 L 122 L 132 L
Length 238.0 cm 236.0 cm 234.5 cm 233.0 cm
Width 59.6 cm 68.0 cm 76.0 cm 79.6 cm
OFO 40.1 cm 46.2 cm 53.1 cm 55 cm
Weight (+/- 8%) 6 kgs 6.5 kgs 7 kgs 7.5 kgs
Fin Box (fin not inc) Deep Tuttle Deep Tuttle Deep Tuttle Deep Tuttle

Weight Tolerance: +/- 8%. All information is correct at the time of writing, but is subject to change or alteration without prior notice. For latest information always check with your Shop, Distributor or the Manufacturer.
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