AHD Sealion 8'3 - Windsurf - SUP - Surf

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The new 8'3 compliments the now "classic" SeaLion 7'6 program, giving even more homogeneity across the SeaLion line-up!

Along its 5 years of opening so many eyes to the joys of fun-boarding, the SeaLion "Classic" 7'6 has been joined first by its XL sister (9'/152 litres), and later by the PRO model (7'6 / 115 litres) built on the same outline as the Classic, but with much thinner rails.

Based on AHD's latest developments in shapes and design, we are now re-positioning the "main-stream" SeaLion within the range, in a more balanced and logical way for length to volume ratio.

While the board's volume remains unchanged at 135 litres, it is now spread on a longer length (8'3) and a slightly increased width - by 1cm - to 75cm. With much thinner rails, this is also a less thick board altogether.

The new SeaLion 8'3 shall, therefore, be " bobbing " much less on the water: It has more stability, feels more floaty and yet, has even more manoeuvrability thanks in no small part to the extra grip generated by the thinner rail profile!

With its intermediate scoop (between PRO and XL) and its long vee with double concaves, the SeaLion 8'3 offers a fast glide and high-performance surfing.
This new SeaLion 8'3 will be likened by some to be a PRO version of the XL: it will particularly please every XL rider who is looking for a familiar feel, but more reactive and nervous under foot.

It will also bewitch riders of all sizes looking to discover the SeaLion spirit with a less voluminous board than the XL, yet one where the extra length and width of the 8'3 is immediately more accessible than the " Classic 7'6 " and is much more tolerant and user-friendly than the PRO 7'6.

As well as pleasing the capable heavier rider, who will find in the new 8'3 a " PRO " model fitting their weight well for outstanding surfing in modest winds, the 8'3 will draw the lighter improving rider with its overall feeling of fun helping everyone to want to push their personal limits!

Faithful to the SeaLion " retro-fish " outline, which has proved so successful in all round sailing and waves, you chose where to have fun, whether sailing or SUPing.

The new 8'3 is fitted with two 19cm fins to be trimmed forward for more manoeuvrability, or aft, for a better grip.

The mast-foot is usually set from mid-track to aft-track.

Join the SeaLion family to enjoy your local waters with your family and friends!

Don't forget - more and more 'Fun Riders' are joining the SeaLioner's Club, which has its own community and forum @: http://www.sealion.ahd-boards.com/
Program 0-15Knts 'Any Wind Windsurfing' NO STRAPS - WINDSURF - SUP - SURF
Model SEALION 8'3"
Volume (litres) 135
Width (cm) 75
One Foot Off (cm) 59.5
Length (cm) 253
Weight 8.5kg
Fin boxes US box
Fins (cm) AHD Twins 19cm
Recom. size (cm) 16 - 23
Recom. sails (sqm) 2.5 / 7.0

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