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Colour: CARBON FIBRE Size: 1 lt
AFS-1 Foil Range - Advanced AHD box

The AFS-1 and the evolution model AFS-1 Mk2 Foils, have been developed with simple objectives - to plane in ultra-light wind, for freeride, multi-discipline and ease of use.

The AFS-1 and AFS-MK2 Boards lean towards freeride/slalom/race, while the multi-purpose Sealion Wings is great for SUP, Windsurf, WindFoil and SUPFoil - all are compatible with the AFS-1 and AFS-1 mk2 Foils, the only ones to benefit from our tool-less assembly, manufactured from an incredibly strong Full-Carbon construction.

AFS- 1 concept

To fly in Ultra-Light winds!

AFS-1 FOIL Design

The AFS-1 is the first foil put into production, and it remains more than ever the foil of choice for many riders thanks to its strengths which cannot be denied:
-Windfoil and SUPfoil versatility
-take off at very low speed (5 knots of real speed, soft waves of small size)
-Ultra-Lightwind capabilities.

AFS-1 Mk2 FOIL design

Based on the AFS-1, the front wing is different. It is a completely new profile with 'Anhedral' and a span of 900mm, benefiting from years of development, which boost the higher speed performance of the AFS-1 for Windfoil.

With this wing, the AFS-1 (in use as Windsurf Foil) is easier, more tolerant of rider input, faster, and more powerful to the rear, without a large loss to its starting qualities at very low speed.

Whereas the Mk 1 front wing likes to be ridden flat (in roll), the Mk2 front wing is very happy and stable when 'cranked over' with the windward rail depressed to really fly upwind, or to carve onto the leeward rail, making its performance profile closer to the AFS-2

This new front wing AFS-1MK2 is available as a single wing for owners already equipped with an AFS-1. Simply remove the original wing and fit the Mk2 in its place, or you can buy the Mk2 version complete.


-Full Carbon construction.
-AHD box.
-3 parts assembly

" Manoeuvrability 50%
" Speed 80%
" Planning 100%
" Accessibility 60%

AFS-1 Rear Wing only.

Fits: AFS-1 Mast and Fuselage with 'tool less mounting system'

Wingspan: 500mm

Volume (approx.) 1 lt

Weight: 0.3Kg

Construction: Carbon Fibre

TECH SPECS (part of range)

Model AFS-1 Board AFS-2 Board AFS-1 Foil Slion Wings 7'6 Slion Wings 8'6

Fin Box(s) Foil box AHD AHD + DTT Foil box AHD Foil box AHD + US box x 2

For AFS-1/mk2 Foil AFS-1/AFS-2/DTT - AFS-1/mk2 Foil + Twin 16cm

Length 238 cm 230 cm 76 cm 232 cm 259 cm

Volume 110 L 125 L 10 L 109 L 125 L

Width 67.5 cm 75 cm 76 cm 74 cm 74 cm

Weight (+/- 8%) 8.5kgs 9kgs 3.5 kgs 8 kgs 8.5 kgs

Weight tolerance: +/- 8%. All information contained on this page is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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