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Colour: CARBON FIBRE Size: 95cm

Access new performances

Reaching maximum speeds is good, but being able to control is better. This S WINDFOIL range, 100% carbon gives you rigidity allowing you to push performance.

S range in detail

Push back your VMAX while staying in control

The use of UHM (Ultra High Modulus) carbon fibers makes the foil stiffer. The more rigid the latter, the more control you will have over your foil. UHM is a material used in aeronautics or on offshore racing boats.

Evolve on all the wings of the WINDFOIL range.

The S range offers 3 wings, the S-840, S-740 and S-670. They are mounted all three with the stabilizer 280 and are best suited to the W95/100/105 masts with the rectangular 94.5 or 105cm fuselage for best performance and strength (possible all the same to mount them on W85/88cm mast/fusaelage as well).

You can find the 3 profiles of the S range on this 3D.

Don't worry about the weight anymore

The full carbon construction brings rigidity and lightness to the foil (full foil weight: 3.9 kg). In the same way, you will no longer / will not be bothered with marine aggressions such as corrosion which could weaken the latter.

Navigate over a wide range of use

From both a wind range and a speed range point of view, the profile of these wings has been designed to extend over wide ranges of use.

All our foils are digitally designed and simulated. Following this phase, various real prototypes are designed within our company and tested in real conditions. These different stages allow us to have successful and efficient foils.

Made in France

We master the manufacturing process from A to Z of our foils to ensure the best possible manufacturing quality. In addition, the prepreg construction allows operators to no longer breathe toxic vapors emanating from the resin. The prepreg fibers are cut using a laser machine, then assembled in a mold to finally be baked at a certain pressure in order to obtain the desired shape.

Sister ranges - Freeride (F) & Race (R)

The S range has two other sister ranges - the Freeride (F) range and the Race (R) range.

The speeds our customers achieve with this AFS S range
34 knots in VMAX - Julien
30.2 knots in VMAX - Antonin
29.7 knots in VMAX - Henri

The wings of the F range allow you to start your windfoil adventure. They allow you to fly over water simply and easily.

The wings of the R range are high aspect ratio wings providing high performance in all sailing paces.
Tech specs:


Wing construction: Monolithic full Carbon Prepreg T700
Front Wing width: 950mm
Front Wing area: 840 cm2
Aspect ratio: 10.7
Suggested Rider Level: Experienced to Expert
Weight: 970g*

Best suited to use on W95/100/105 masts with the rectangular 94.5 or 105cm fuselage 2021 onwards

Compatible with 88cm 'Cigar Fuselage' >2018

* Weight Tolerance: +/- 8%. All information contained in this web page is subject to change and alteration at any time without notice.

Compatible with the following AFS models with 88cm 'Cigar Fuselage' >2018

AFS- W85
AFS- W95 <>
AFS- W105 <>