AFS Windfoil - R1000 Racing Front Wing - Full Carbon Pre Preg.

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Colour: CARBON FIBRE Size: 100 cm
We constantly test and develop our range of "R" series wings for exhilarating speeds with great control - the latest in the range (R1000/V3) has been developed in partnership with world renowned Moth specialist, Kevin Ellway, and is aimed at competition foiling in the 6 to 20 knot wind range .

The New R-1000/V3 wing set gives really early lift and great speed range, flying you more to windward than ever, while delivering fantastic control on all points and blistering acceleration, giving you every opportunity to take the lead and keep it!
We firmly believe the W105-R1000/V3 is the most efficient Race Legal Windsurf foil on the market!

Although built for racing, the New R-1000/V3 wing set also make a stunning Freeride wing set for experienced riders seeking great low speed take off with, very friendly handling and incredible glide, so do not be put off by the racing tag - we know that to be really competitive, it's got to be fun and very controllable, so make our racing gear friendly as well!

R-1000 Wing is recommended use with:

Stab V3 or Stab V2 on AFS W105 or W95 Mast/Fuselage
Rider's Level: Experienced to Expert
Wind range: 6-20 knots
Discipline: Racing
Tech specs:
Wings construction: Full Carbon Prepreg T700 + UHM M46J. 100% Made in France.
Front Wing R-1000 width: 1000mm
Front Wing area: 800 cm2
Front Wing Weight: 950g
Rear Wing Stab V3 width: 640mm
Rear Wing area: 280 cm2
Rear Wing Weight: 190g

* Weight Tolerance: +/- 8%. All information contained in this web page is subject to change and alteration at any time without notice.
Compatable with the following Stab Foils (Rear Wings)

Stab V2
Stab V3

Compatible with the following AFS models

AFS- W85 (Bonded Fuselage to Head - UK model)
AFS- W95
AFS- W105