A fantastic range of SUP Paddles, from Glass/Alloy recreation, to Carbon/Kevlar Wave and Ultralight Carbon Race paddles, a prices and quality that will pleasantly surprise you!

Lets assume that you have picked your board, your leash and maybe a nice bag to keep it all in – What else do you need?

Something to move it along, stop and change direction, of course! But just like cars, the engine on a SUP comes in many shapes, sizes and powers.

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Some are big and tourquey, some a small and revy, while others cruise all day at a nice sedate pace – The power you have can only be used via the transmission driving the wheels and tyres gripping the road, and the often overlooked, but equally vital, steering and breaks come in pretty handy as well if you are to have fun using it safely!

With SUP, think of your self as the engine, the Shaft of the Paddle is the transmission, while the Blade is the tyre. Steering and breaking is fairly self-explanatory!

Picking the wrong transmission and tires for the engine, could be like trying to do a hill start in top gear, or driving up the motorway in 1st gear – neither is going to be much fun!

That’s why at X-Paddle, we have been developing a comprehensive, but well defined combination of Blades and Shafts, to suit just about every requirement for performance and price. Our factory can do amazing things with exotic materials, so of course, we do include some ‘Oh My God’ products in the range as well!

We have been teaching people to SUP since 2006, so have a lot of experience of how important the Paddle really is, and how often this matching is overlooked!

We continually test and develop new designs and materials before they go into production, so we know just how they perform and that we have met the design criteria.

We offer comprehensive advice on application, selection, fitting, etc. and can even (for a small extra charge) supply a paddle made to fit you, fit Blade Guard for you, or supply your lovely new paddle with a Blade Cover or Complete Bag to protect it while in transit?

Let us help you get more from your paddling with X-Paddle, and we can probably also help you spend a lot less than you think for a sparkling performance!