Whiskeyjack Paddles Whiskey Rebellion - Wood Paddle - Canoe

Whiskeyjack Paddles Whiskey Rebellion - Wood Paddle - Canoe

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Whiskey Rebellion - All Wood Canoe Paddle

This one is for the history buffs...

OK, who cares about history class! The Whiskey Rebellion is an amazing canoe paddle that performs incredibly well in all paddling conditions. You will love the long powerful blade that makes every stroke count and you will appreciate its beauty on and off the water.

This is an incredibly tough canoe paddle with a fiberglass re-enforced blade and ultra-durable laminated shaft.

The Whiskey Rebellion also has a clear, poured, wrap-around, epoxy blade guard for solid protection against rock damage.

Enjoy the warmth, flex and beauty of wooden canoe paddles. Constructed from Red and White Cedar.