A range of the best SUP boards around, from beginners, family, race, exercise & the ‘NS Surf Series’, these are the best SUP’s money can buy!

Born of the desire to play, they quickly proved that with the right team and ethos, you can design and develop, not just great Distance, Exercise & Race SUP shapes in Western Europe, but also, outstanding SUP Wave shapes as well!
Nah-Skwell R & D is run by Pascal Gerber & Bruno Andre, both with 20+ years in the industry, based at the tip of Brittany, where they firmly believe the waves are second to none, and that’s exactly what they intend their boards to be!

Deeply rooted in several years of Stand Up, this innovative young brand is already finding it’s true colours, with 2 riders getting through 5 heats to attain 1st and 4th place (and the overall UK Wave title) at the BSUPA Watergate Bay, series finals, held on 16th/17th October 2010, with both Neal and Matt using their new NS8’8” Surf Series Boards to great effect.

Such outstanding competition success should remind everyone, that producing great boards is about understanding what makes something both fun and forgiving to use, with designs being able to offer beginners and top riders alike, thinner, less voluminous shapes, which are also more stable and responsive, offering true ‘surfing sensations’ from day one.

Nah-Skwell manufacture their boards from ‘OSS’ (One-Shot-Sandwich), to ensure extreme uniformity between every board, meaning they are also some of the lightest and stiffest SUP’s available anywhere in the world!

Each board is honed to perfection before launch, with the aim of only changing when there really is a better board from the R & D team, so you can be confident that your board and graphics will not change every year just at the whim of a marketing department!

Oh, and I’m often asked about the name! – Well, ask yourself, what other company sums up in their name, what SUP & Surf should be all about?

‘Nah-Skwell’ – It’s Gallic for Playground!