AHD – A name Synonymous with light, versatile, comfortable and innovative Hi-Performance Windsurfing Boards for 20 years!

Designed, tested and developed in Europe, to best fulfil the needs of European sailors. Manufactured in a unique single mould sandwich construction, to ensure extreme uniformity between each board, in the only factory able to do this – Their own!

Each range is honed to perfection before launch, with the aim of only changing the design and the graphics, when there really is a better replacement ready, so your board will not change every year at the whim of a marketing department!

Evolution or Revolution?

Whilst almost all of the current range can proudly trace its DNA back to earlier, often legendary models, (Darwin would be proud of this ethic!) without the constraints of having to meet the considerable demands of individual ‘star riders’ & ‘signature models’ in recent years, AHD have been able to ‘think right out of the box’ again, resulting in the ‘Any Wind Windsurfing’ concept being pushed to new levels, while still developing outstanding Wave, Free Wave, Freeride, Slalom and Family boards.

For an idea of the latest revolutions, just look at boards like the Seal, Sea Lion and Summerboard, and more exciting projects we cannot yet tell you about!

Not surprising when you consider who really produced the worlds 1st full Carbon ‘Wide Style’ race board in 1996!

AHD – Vive la Revolution!